Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More on Spiceworks 2 Beta

I Got an email this morning that contained a link to a page with some more info on the upcoming version 2 of Spiceworks, read more about it here -

The website looks very snazzy, but there doesn't seem to be all that much in the way of new features. They are putting a lot of emphasis on it being 'Faster'. Hopefully the web interface will preform a little better as sometimes I found it a bit laggy, but I thought the actual scanning of the devices was quite fast, considering how much it was doing.

There is something in there now that looks like it will collect event logs from you devices, that is a nice touch but not all that much use to me personally as we us a syslog daemon from Kiwi and Snare agents on the servers to send the logs out. The Kiwi syslog good for setting up alerts based on events you specify, hopefully you will be able to do something like this in Spiceworks

The rest of the updates look like they are purely cosmetic. Graphs and things look nice but they dont really bring much to the app, I would have liked to have seen the ability to extend it with user submitted plugins, now that would have been a real step forward

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