Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Facebook and Linux

I've decided to join the 21st century, and sign up to a social networking site. I chose facebook for a couple of reasons -

I HATE the navigation and layout of myspace. Lets face it, its awful. And your profile is open to everyone witch I dont like
Most people in the real world I know have Facebook profiles, and dont use anything else.
Facebook just looks nicer and seams to be 'cooler' at the mo.
You can write your own apps for Facebook, and that brings me onto my next point.

I've decided I want to write an app for Facebook, problem is they seam to want you to use PHP witch I have never touched before. There are unofficial libraries for other platforms, but i've decided to take the plunge and try and learn PHP and write the app in that.

And then, i've also decided i'm going to write the application under Linux, something i've never done before. My pc at home needs re-building so when the latest version of ubuntu (7.10) is released this week i'm going to install that along side Windows XP.

I've used Linux in the past, but only when i've had to. This is going to be my chance to experement with it from scratch. It will probably take me ages to even get it installed with all my hardware (I want all my stuff working), but i'm sure it will be worth it.

Anything I come across while on my quest to use Linux to develop my app I will of course post on here.

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