Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exporting SQL Services reports to Excel

Just a quick blog about something i've noticed over the last couple of weeks. Have you ever tried exporting your reports to Excel spreadsheets, and got unpredictable results?

You know what its like, most accounts type people insist on working Excel (even though you could just change the report to suit them), but sometimes when you export the report to excel extra columns appear. Then, you can export the same report again and the extra columns you had before will no longer be there. The problem accounts people have with the extra columns is it stuffs up any sorting they want to do, and any macros they have written that depend on specific data being in specific places.

The best way to get round this seams to be to remove all the dynamic text boxes etc from the headers and footers of the report. I think what must happen is if the info in the headers doesn't align exactly with the tables in the main section of the report, it throws off the export.

I've now got two copies of the reports that the accounts people tend to use, one with the headers and footers still in, and one they can use to export into excel.

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