Thursday, July 19, 2007

Open to everyone

If you look at the right hand side off my blog now, you'll will see that you can now translate my blog into different languages. The idea came about when I was looking on FeedBurner at the different places visitors were coming from, and all the different languages they were using.

I had a quick look around the web to see if there were any 'widgets' I could steel to accomplish this. The only one I could find was using Babel fish by Alta Vista, you can get it at the only thing that put me of using this was the Google translate tool supported more languages.

So I headed over to, and basicly looked at the source code of that page and created a form of my own. Now if you click on one of the flags it will translate the blog page your are looking at to your language. Simple but effective!

If you are in the UK try and get hold of a copy of this weeks IT Week, on page 27 there's a really interesting article about a company doing some interesting research into the future of power consumption. Unfortunately I can find it on there website so you'll have to get hold of the magazine.

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