Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taking a Safari

Well I never thought I'd say this again, but I am quite impressed with Apples Safari browser running on Windows (download http://www.apple.com/safari/)

I am writing this post using it right now. It does appear to be far FAR faster than IE6, IE7 and Firefox.I've been to quite a few sites that might tax it, but so far it has performed very well.

It's not all good though, I can make it crash if I try to surf through a proxy that wants me to authenticate. It brings up the login prompt, I enter my details and hit ok but the browser just dies on me.

Also, I can't seam to get into the proxy settings in preferences/advanced. The change settings are greyed out. It looks like it's getting its proxy settings from whatever the default browser is set to.
So if I make Safari the default I can't surf. Plus I think it still might have a problem using an automatic config file (a .pac file). Old Macs used to have this problem (I think), I thought this might have been fixed.

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