Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The wonder of Patchs

Had a couple of problems with patches this week. The First was on a Windows2003 server that runs a Dcom based application. We put all the latest MS patches on last week, and for some reason it stopped working.
I re-built one from scratch today, trying to do the patches in batches, but surprise surprise I managed to install them all, and it worked fine!

The second problem I had was with one of my web based applications, and (I think) the patches that came out in January. Its an ASP.Net app written in It uses the impersonation function so all users run as one user. This is done due it the application needing lots of file system access across Windows and Linux platforms.

Anyway, I installed the patches and all of a sudden the application could no longer see any remote unc paths. Every time it checked to make sure the unc was valid it failed, and took the path offline! As soon as I un-installed the batch of patches it started working again.
If anyone else has had this problem and sussed out what it is, let me know.

On another note, i've seen a lot about on the web about hacking PSP (Playstaion portable) consoles lately, and the on going battle between the hackers and Sony. Quite a good BBC artical about it is

So for I've not tried 'downgrading' my PSP, cos if it goes wrong you can end up turning it into an expensive looking brick. I am very tempted to give it a go though. Does anyone know if what the hackers are doing is legal?

Got a new 80gig drive for my laptop today. Over the next few days i'm going to blow it away and get it duel booting between Windows XP and Linux. If I find out anything interesting ill post it here.

Listening To: New album by the Kaiser Chiefs. Can't make my mind up about it yet.

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