Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time to Learn

Not very much to post at the moment. In the middle of doing a big change to the infrastructure at work. We are moving to a completely new subnet range. Not very complex but taking a lot of planning.

Programming wise started to play about with the Ajax extensions. Get more info on them here at The Ajax idea has been around for a while, it just takes existing technology (Java and xml) and puts them in a nice easy to use package. You can now develop very interactive web based applications very quickly. One you get your head round how it all works!!

Also looking at creating an rss feed using Our newspaper is trying to get more into the 'digital' age, so are throwing around words like rss and pretending they've been using it for ages. I'm trying to create an rss feed from the PA (press association) stories we get. I might get some brownie points for it and its quite interesting. A walk though of creating one is at

When I get more into both of these things ill post anything interesting on here

Listening to: Little man Tate. Very good and not played enough on the radio. Far better than the View who are getting raved about far to much

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