Tuesday, December 05, 2006

File locking probelm sending email from .Net

I've been having fun today trying to update some of our internal advert proofing software. I have some code that attaches an pdf file to an email that I was trying to update.

I was trying to move the pdf file to an archive when it had been sent, but was constantly getting errors along the lines of 'File is locked', 'File is in use' etc that I had never had before.

After lots of head scratching, and looking around the system.net.mail class, I found a dispose method for the mailmessage and the mailmessage.attachments. As soon as I called this method after sending the mail, everything worked fine!

While looking round the class's i've also found some stuff on Delivery Notification options, sound like it might be worth looking into. Ill post on her when i've sussed that out. If anyone knows of any good articles about doing this let me know.

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