Monday, December 18, 2006

Creating PDF preview on the fly using

I was looking for a way of creating a preview of a pdf document on a web based app, and I came across PDFThumbnail.NET. (Details here).

Its a free control, that will take a pdf stream and output a jpeg preview onto a page. Its free, easy to use and fast. Also they answered a couple of questions I had on the product very quickly.
There doesn't seam to be many components kicking around for free like this, so i'd highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

they don't provide this product for free anymore. There is an evelation water mark on all the generated copies

beakersoft said...

I've just checked on the site and the version they are offering for download looks like the same one i'm using, and that doesn't put any watermarks on.

I don't really use this anymore though. I found it to be slow when rendering the web page, so now all the pdf's get processed through and asura queue ( that creates a small jpg of the pdf along with the scaled down pdf