Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mail Profile in SQL Server

Tried to setup SQL 2000 today so it would email me when certain events occurred, I have done it before but it took me a bit to work out why it wouldn't work this time. Couple of things I had to do:

  • I needed to install Outlook mail client on the pc. (I suppose any mail client will do as long as it allows you to setup a mail profile)
  • The account that I was running the sql server agent service as was a domain account not the default system one. To get it to see a mail profile I had to login to the server as the user I was running the service as, and setup outlook so it had a mail profile.
  • I was using a mailbox we setup to receive log files from, so it was created under a different user. I had to give the user the SQL agent service was running as rights into this mailbox.
  • After a restart of the Agent service I could then send mail.
I also come across something else today witch look quite cool. Its called the SQL Server Health and History tool, and can be downloaded here
It will log various things about SQL installs to a database, and there is a report pack you can download so you can look at the info.
I've not managed to get the performance counters working yet, and its only logging from one server but when I get it all working ill write it up on here.

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