Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Back (but not like a bad smell)

I've not used this blog for a while, decided to start again because I keep needing to go back to things I've done at work but can never remember what the hell I did.
So everytime I do something a bit complicated or something I think other people can use ill post it here. Everyone's a winner!

Since last time I used this blog, me and my girlfriend are now engaged! I happened in Dublin when were where there on the piss for a couple of days with our mates, it wasn't planned, it just kind of happened! Really need to get my finger out and get a house now!

Saw the Killers on Monday at Manchester Apollo, they were really good, the stage looked well cool. It was made out to be like somewhere you would hold a barn dance. They had a really crap supporting band though called the Brakes, I've heard a couple of there songs before and didn't think they'd be too bad, but they were bloody awful. The bass was up way to high and the singer (who looked like Michel Stipe from rem) had a dead annoying voice.

Seeing the mighty Tenacious D next month as well, should kick some serious ass!

Ashes starting tonight, in Aus though so not going to be able to watch it very much. Might be a good thing cos I think we are going to get tanked.

Listening To: Tenacious D Pick of destiny sound track

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