Monday, June 05, 2006

You can go slow or fast, but you must get to the line

BO! (a tradintional pissing taking greating in my parts)

England team have flown out today, getting quite excited about the world cup now. We're not going to win it, but might get quite far. Just found out that the day after the final im ment to be in Braknell, which is bloody miles away from where i live. I think if England are in the final i shant be going on that training course!

Got my car serviced and mot'd today, passed ok and did'nt cost me to much so quite happy. Done my insurance as well so ill save £16 a month on that. Just need my loan now and ill be all sorted for hopefully another couple of years.

Not much interesting happening at work at the mo, got the re-write the pa (press association) web app that gets all the latest stories from the national news agencys. Thinking of doing something clever with RSS but not sure yet. Nor do i know anything about RSS so i feel a new book coming on.

Also might have to look at writting a component to create pdfs from rtf files. Not sure where to start with that one though. At the minute I use OpenOffice to do this, driven from an application. Trouble is you need have OpenOffice installed for it to work. Might Try and setup a project on SourceForge and see if i get any response.

Listening To: Reel Big Fish, Favorite Noise. Nice and summary
Random Musing: Why cant I wear shorts at work! My legs are nice!

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