Thursday, May 25, 2006

Citizen Journalism... (trust no one)

Ok so i've not blogged on her for ages, not sure why just been busy and stuff. Maybe i've decieded it time for another rant as well. If i can be bothered this weekend i might even try and make this blog look a bit pritter, but im not very good as designing stuff at all.

So, what been happening. Well decided to take a risk on my car and pay it of and not get a new one. Should save me some cash every month long as it dos'nt decided to blow up soon. Should'nt be that bad its only 3 years old.

Going to Leeds festival this year but had to buy tickets of eBay. Only paid £20 extra so not that bothered. Only thing thats pissed me of now is i think they have relaeased some more weekend ones. Hope its not going to be like this next year with all the fucking robbing dick head touts buying the tickets then selling them online for a nice proffit. Not sure what they can do to stop it though. Heard about a Guns 'n Roses gig ( where they used a barcode sent to a mobile as a ticket.
Quite a good idea, but there are some guinune reasons why you would want to sell a ticket after you bought one. I think the ticket companys need to tackle this as well.
I dont see why you cant send them your ticket back once you've bought it. You can do it with trainers why not tickets?

Been dead busy at work, especailly over last couple of weeks as my boss has been off. Been doing more develpment than every trying to make our newspaper sales system and accounts system talk to each other.
Got most of it working, but one thing i'm having problems with is using the xml export option in crystal. I cant get my head round it at all, so if anyones got any info on it (tutorials, examples etc) then drop me an email or leave a comment.
Also been having to do some work to make my fax proofing system work with Leeds fax server (genifax). Most of its working now, looks like my system will become the standard for the entire division at this rate! I must be getting good!

Looking forward to the world cup loads now, mainly after that cup final a couple of weeks ago. I'm not bothered about Roony playing if Gerard is going be scoring like that!

Anyway, will probably start writing in this blog again now, so tune in for updates folks!

Listening to: Muse, Absolution. Classy album
Random Thought: Why do i never trust what people in garages tell me about my car. They could be saving me hundereds of pounds and i still would'nt belive them.

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