Thursday, February 02, 2006

How much is that house in the window

Been looking for some more houses this week, found a couple that might be ok, need to go and look at them though. I cant belive how much you have to pay for a crappy 2 bed terrace, especailly if its in a quite nice area (only one burbury cap nova drinking teenage mum per 10 people). Not much choice really tho, if thats whats on offer thats what ive got to pay.

Someone told me today that people were queuing up last night to get arctic monkeys tickets, they did'nt go on sale till 6 today. I want to see them but thats just nuts. Im sure they'll be at a festival over the summer so ill catch them there. That reminds me i need to check the leeds festival website.

Got our chip and pin hardware today, need to go round a few places and install it now. I cant belive that our software vendor for accouts and advertising system's still has'nt written a new windows based epos system to talk directly to the accounts systems. They've been doing it for 18 months at least now, epos systems are'nt that bloody complex. Plus we have told them what hardware it need to run on. They really are pants, we have found some many holes in there 'flagship' and 'stable' ad booking systems its untrue. Anyway, im going pub now for darting.

Random Musing: Why did Newcastle take so long to sack Souness. I bet Rovers could'nt belive there luck when he went. Newcastle manager, is it the hardest in english football?
Listening to: Arctic Monkeys. Shabba

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