Sunday, February 12, 2006

Freshly Made Pizza

I think for the fist time ever, i bought a pizza last night after going out on the beer, and i did'nt eat it. Its on my floor as i speak. it was from a place ive never been before, clearly i did'nt like it.

Went round to daves yeterday, he was ment to be comming out with us, but he text me later and said his bird did'nt want to go out. Ive decided i dont like her, she seams to have far to much power over him. There going to Stratford upon avon this week, cos she wants to, what the hells there? Theres no way Dave would want to go, he did'nt seam very excited at the prospect at all.

Went to see a house on friday. It had potential, but i think it needed to much work doing on it. Ducky liked it, until her mum said there was quite a few rats around there. Put me off as well. The guy who used to own it died. He looked like a righ phyco, he pulled the internal doors of and used them as work benchs and the back bedroom had holes in the celling where it looked like he'd hit it with a hammer. And there was an arrow (as in from a bow) on a shelf. Most odd indeed.

Been doing loads of stuff for the new accounts system this week. Was possably the most boaring couple of days ever. It was mainly reports, we got most of them pre-written and just had to addapt them to our site. The reports were in crystal and where the most complex reports ive ever seen. They are bloody awfull and now im ment to be looking after them. I get all the best jobs.

Finally got the copy of sql 2005, and its the 64bit version, so i could'nt install it. Waited 2 weeks for it and its wrong one. What a bloody suprise.

Random Musing: Why are the prices taxi drivers charge so inconsistent
Listening to: Blink182, dude ranch. At the mo anyway, been listening to lots this morning.

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