Sunday, February 05, 2006

Brrrrr, Chilly up these parts

Bit cold today, my fathers not put the bloody heating on again even though its minus 4. My mums in a bloody mood again about god knows what, think its cos i didn't come home for my tea one day last week. I really dont see what the hell her problem is. I've told her not to make me any tea an ill just make my own, but she doesn't seam to understand that for some reason.

Might of found a house now, looks ok gonna get an appitiotment to look at it this week and see Mr bank dude to try and get some money. Ducky still saying shes not sure if she wants to come onto mortgage with me, im gonna have to make her realise shes not gonna have a choice unless she wants to live in a shed or caravan.

Quite amusing that Newcasltle won yesterday, after mr souness got the boot, and Shearer broke the club record for number of goals scored as well. That dude is a legend, even if he did used to play for Rovers. Still not really scene Dave an he's been back for ages now. Next weekend my be good opportunity cos Duckys working.

I've been reading stuff about all the protests going on at the mo by the Muslims about those cartoons. I'm sorry but i dont think that a cartoon of someone wearing a bomb hat warrants them threatening more terrorist attacks. How many cartoons do we see with God floating on a cloud or Buddha eating pies or something. Christians and Buddhists dont threaten to blow shit up cos of that, why do Muslims think its any differnent. I think anyone with a banner threatening more attacks should have been arrested for inciting racial violence. Rant over now.

Random Musing: Why are house prices still so expensive, is everyone else earning tons more money than me?
Listening to: The Distillers, Coral Fang. Not many birds in punk bands ya' know.

Random Musing:

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