Monday, February 06, 2006

The age of Doctor Who

Just been reading some stuff about Dr Who, how come all the actors who play him seam to be over 30 when they start. I dont see what's wrong with having a 20 something Dr.

Talking of telly the new season of 24 starts on Sunday, i cant wait! I bloody love that show, even though its even further from reality than Star Trek is. Jack always kicks ass, and even though the best 'baddie' Nina is dead now im sure it'll be ace again this season. My girlfriend's not impressed though as it means she'll not get to see me on Sunday nights cos i always go up to my mates to watch it, then we tend to get over excited after and have to visit the pub to half a calming pint. Im getting excited even now just thinking about it.

Noticed in the news that people have started to die because of the the protests/violence happening because of those Muslim cartoons, surly even if you are very upset its not worth dying over?

Am having to write another app at work, even though were not allowed to program anymore. Its odd that since we have been told this more programming jobs have come our way. Im not complaining i enjoy it. Ordered Crystal 10 today, it'll probably come tomorrow. Why the hell cant my Sql 2005 come that quick, not expecting it till Wednesday.

Going to look at that house on Friday, my Dad might come as well witch is good cos he knows all about that stuff, where as i know nothing at all. If it was up to me id probably end up paying £80,000 for a shed with a net connection. Need to go banks now and convince them to lend me casharoony.

Random Musing: Why is the newdeodorantt by lynx called 'Click'. What an odd name
Listening to: NoFX. New albumcomingg out in April, kick ass! I need to mp3 my collection of 7" from last year inpreparationn. Hopefully they will be over here touring when the album launches, there an ace live band.

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