Monday, January 30, 2006

Why dont you blog me up, buttercup

After what happened at the weekend, my girlfriend is getting really worried about living with her Grandma, so i think im gonna have to get serious about finding a house, been sort of looking for a while, but i think now im gonna have to find one. Bit old for livin with my parents now anyway.

Trouble is its bloody expensive, far to much so. Guess im just gonna have to bite the bullet and get into as much debt as the rest of the country. Bugger.

Still no sql 2005 disks at work, but i've used the Matrix control sucsessfully for the first time today in reporting services. Was easyer than i thought it would be. Reporting services still lacks quite a lot of good stuff that Crystal had, but some of its far betterso i think ill be sticking with it for a while yet. Plus its loads cheaper (i think, licence's have always been a bit of a mystary to me.

Ramdom Musing: Why do all microwave meals taste like cardboard?
Listening to: NoFX, So long and thanks for all the shoes - come on! Cant beat a bit of NoFX

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