Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What is it about this time of year

Everywhere you look someone is ill or in a really bad mood, its not good at all. I think i read somewhere that this time of year most people get proper p**sed of and upset, prob cos weathers crappy and there in to much Debt.

Anyway, went to see the producers last night, quite good but the start was a bit odd when the accountent dude had is bit of blanket. Songs in it were ace though. I cant belive it was 3 hours, all bloody films at the mo are uber long.

Managed to get my Linux firewall working at work, just been playing about with it at home but dos'nt want to play ball, but i think its because the adsl router i got of my boss is giving out an address i dont want, i need the dhcp one from the isp but its giving me a static 192.168.x.x one. No good. I could quite get into this unix thing if i have time. Its bloody powerfull, just a bit tricky to get my little head round.

Ramdom Musing: Why do big boss's always have stupid sayings. Was sat in a meeting today and our md kept saying things like 'stakes in the ground' and 'marker in the pack'. Is that what they teach them on those managent seminar things? And i get told not to talk 'techie'!
Listening to: Smash by the offspring. Classy. Plus My mate Dave is back from canada today so he's bound to have some cool new cd's

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