Monday, January 16, 2006

Things to be mad about today

Not very happy today. I've had a really crap day at work, fed up of being sh*t on all the time and other people in the dept not pulling there weight, then having a moan when things dont get done. Then they're in bloody meetings all afternoon so me and Sandy have to deal with everything, just for a change.

But what im most pi**ed off with is my footie yesterday. Instead of a ref we had a jjb employee. We have had this before and they are pritty bad, but this one was terrable. He did'nt give a blatent penelty, kept stopping the game before just before people scored etc. Then when we had a go he told one of my team to f**k off! So we went to complain but he stood there while we did and started lying about what happened.

So, my mates sending a letter, but i've got the customer services number as well so i might ring them up tomorow if i can be assed

Just Managed to get my linux firewall working! Uses Smoothwall, took some messing about with to get it to see my crappy little usb modem, but at least its working now. Just need to setup my wireless access point and im done. When i turned the IDS software on it told me (after 30 mins or so) that slammer had tried to hit me, i cant belive there are still systems out there sending that out.

Ramdom Musing: Why cant Mr Gates and co make Windows as configurable as Linux?
Listening to. A, Teen Dance ordinal. Not sure why. Think they have split up as well

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