Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Mornings...'nt they crap and boaring, and why even if ive not been out the night before do i still feel shit (i did go out last night but thats not the point). Had to get up as well to take Ducky to work, who the hell wants to go and buy tracksuit pants on a sunday morning. Bloody chavs.

Was ment to see Dave yesterday but he was ill so did'nt go. Not sure how ill he is, think he's probably just skint, so still not met his canadian bird. Need to see him this weeek. Even if its just for new cds! He said the pub we go to in Blacko (the little place he lives) has been taken over by a newlandlord, so they probably wont do the best going out drinking food (sausage, chips, egg and beans) anymore, or show Burnley(football or socor for you yanks) matchs on dodgy cable channels anymore.

Talking of the footie, did you see city man u on match of day last night. How good was that! I love watching utd get beat, then Ferrgie went nuts at the ref, he's bound to get a bollocking for that now. HaHa. Burnley lost though, why the hell cant they play agasnt average teams?

Think ive found out why im having probs with my firewall at home, turns out Sandy (who helped me build the linux firewall) gets proper broadband (ie through his cable and gets presented with rj45) where as i've only got adsl. So ive found some stuff out about PPPoE witch adsl seams to use and ill have a go at setting it up this aft before i play footie. My teams second in the legue by the way. Armatage Shanks (yes, we are named after a toilet). Look at Sunday divison 1. TV Time now.

Random Musing: Some people must never leave there job, i posted some stuff on a microsoft newsgroup on friday night before i left work and people have responded already. Im sad but not that sad, dont work all the time!
Listening Too: The smiths, hatfull of Horrow. Good sunday music

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