Friday, January 06, 2006

Sausauge curry and chips for tea...

.. i do like chippy teas on a friday. not posted for a couple of days cos i could'nt be bothered but back again now. My best mate Dave is comming back to england on monday. He's been in Canada for ages with some bird he ment on t'internet. Gona be good seein him again and im curious to meet his bird, especialy after what he said about her when i talked to him yesterday.

So, had a really crappy first week back at work, been trying to build a linux firewall today for home, but could'nt get the forward dns lookup working from the clients, works fine from the linux box but everytime i try and resolve from any clients it times out. Think its the named service playing silly buggers but even Sandy (unix guru at work) did'nt know what it was, any ideas?

Our newspapers has also been picked out of everywhere in the group to trial a 'newsroom of the future' project. Editorial staff are going to start editing alsorts of digital content (vids, podcasts etc). Trouble is most of them (especially the editor who is in charge of the project) cant even log there bloodys pc's on. To be fair they are journalists and subs, so i cant belive they are asking them to do it. Im sure the union will kick up a stink as well. I dont really see why they are doing it, no one's intersted in local news anymore but i supose they have to do something or the newspaper industry will be in bigger trouble than it already is.

Mr Gates and crewe has released a patch for the wmf flaw today, instead of waiting till the normal release cycle next week. Bout time id say, hopefully they got an ass kicking of someone so they brought it out early. Got a normal ac power charger for duckys iPod mini today, cost me a tenner though, why the hell dont you get one in the box.

Random Musing: Why does curry always make me need a dump?
Listening To: Some arctic monkey, they are ace cant wait for the album

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BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Hmmm, so there's other British boys meeting "birds" from North America, aye?
I'm a bird that that happened to.