Thursday, January 19, 2006

Playing Politics

I was in a dead good mood this morning, had a nice night in with my girlfriend last night and was feeling good this morning when i got into work. That was until i sat at my desk and started to read my emails.

I'd sent a quick note to one of my colleagues last night to check i was ok to make a slight alt to our ad booking system, as i kept telling the user whose in charge of the system 'admin' she couldn't use non numeric chars in a certain field, as i was screwing the reports up. He proceeded to forward this email (god knows why) to the user in Question, who then sent me a very condescending email. I would have expected the type of email i got from the user, but im well pissed of at my 'mate' for sending it her. He sort of apologized for it, but i think i know the score with him now.

I think ill have to start relizing that most people at work are only bothered about what they can get out of everyone else, and if they get in the way or get shit on its tough. I shant be putting anything in writting to him anymore, nor will i be pulling him out of the crap like we have had to so many times in the past.

Anyway, moan over now. Im just about to go to the pub with my mates Chris and Gaz. Going the the White bull where they serve the best beer ever. We call it 'old man beer', or real ale to most people. They always have something new on everytime we go. I bit more exciting than the same old larger. And i can play on the Bandit and darts without anyone bugging me. I've never once sceen it kick of in the bull, and ive been going there for years.

Think im finally gonna see Dave and his new bird overweekend. I'm sure it was her who did'nt want me to see him last week. Need to get him on his own to find out.

Random Musings: Why do hang chocolate coins on the tree at christmas?
Listening to: Bouncing Souls, Anchors Aweigh. An ace album but i think they've split up now. Most of my fav bands seam to be.

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