Monday, January 23, 2006

Only staying cos of the world cup

Well, looks like Sven is finally going to get the boot (no pun intended) from the england job, about time really. He's a proper wally for telling all that stuff to the reporter. Ok, so he was pretending to be some rich arab, but someone in his possition should really no when to keep there mouth shut. The only reason he was there in the first place was to get more money. He's just a greedy sod, thats his and most other people in footballs problem. I'm bloody sure there is curruption in football, but its probably so wide spread by now i doubt theres much that can be done about it.

Got the Arctic Monkeys album today. I've heard most of it already but had to own it. As i mentioned before its fantastic. Trouble is they are being hyped a lot, i even heard them called the new oasis today. I wish people would'nt do that, i know it'd put me off. Can you name a band formed in the last 3 or so years that are going to last for another decade? Im sure i cant.

Random Musing:Why do microsoft include a TopN filter in SQL reporting services, yet in there sample reports they use a sql top statment to get the top most records returned. Its twice as hard to do it that way if you want to use a parameter.
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Charlie said...

I suspect the reason is that using TopN in the report is a filtering function.
This will perform the reduction on all the data that is returned. If the SQL statement is used then the rows are reduced at the database before the data gets to the report.
In general it is considered better practice to use the SQL to perform the reduction.

beakersoft said...

Thats true, if i could have used the 'Top' SQL then i would have done. Need the user to select how many they wanted though, and doing that through the sql ment i had to bulid the string (i think) then execute that. I was just being Lazy.

I still would have expected the example they provided to have a reporting services filter in as well as a sql one though