Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh what a day/night

Quite an interesting day yesterday. Meet my girlfriends Dad for the first time yesterday. Ok, i know we've been going out for ages but id never meet him. Was going ok until him and my girlfriend disappeared outside and started to argue. Then the rest of there family seamed to all appear from no where, she got dead upset and it wasn't nice.

Why the hell do things have to get dead complex, no wonder she's never let me meet him before, most unlikely that i will be doing ever again as well. Never mind least its out of the way now.

Footie again this aft, hopfully we can start winning again today, playing bottom of league so shouldn't be to hard, full team as well today i think.

Hope my sql 2005 disks come this week, been reading so stuff about the new reporting services and looks like it should solve quite a few of our probs, and bring some sexy new features to the party. But cant see anywhere if there is support for rendering rtf text yet. I wrote a little class to display only the text but being able to show it formated would be cool and the gang.

Random Musing:Why are most peoples personal problems caused by parents?
Listing to: Idelwild, the remote part. Classy

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