Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh to be a pie eater

Cant belive Wigan beat Arsnel last night in the cup, it was ace. They should have had 3 pennies, and that robberts who scored could'nt hit a barn door with a barrel all night, but then again theres not really a better time to score than with 2 mins left of extra time.

Rovers playing Man u tonight, i hate them both equally, but my girlfriend is a rovers fan so i supose id prefer them to go through than utd.

Been working in our Burnley office today, i used to work there before i move to Preston. I do miss working there somtime but the MD is a tit now, and most of the cool people have left or been made redundent. Still its nice to go there as its no where near as busy as preston, and you dont have to watch your back all the time while your there.

Ordered SQL2005 today, apartely its going to take 5 days to get here! Is mr Gates burning a copy personally? What the hells going on there. And i bet when it comes it will be the wrong version. Need to use it for the new reporting services stuff, its multivalue select box's and stuff will be a god send.

Ramdom Musing: Why when you eat MacDonalds are you still hungery, what the hell do they put in that stuff.
Listening to: Gollilaz, its ok but not brilliant

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