Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy new year...

... i hope everyone had one. I was in bed at the time felling like sh** as a caught the cold/fluey thing that my girlfriend had. At least i saved some money i supose, and ive always prefered going out on xmas eve than new year.

Just seen the new kong movie, very good but very long, my girlfriend cried when kong died, bless! Back to work tomorrow, guy who used to be in charge of us is now in charge of all group IT, so im expecting some changes afoot, and probably not good ones.

Not been online for a couple of days so ive jus been reading more about the windows wmf exploit, seams like its a bit of a beast and the first proper worms are starting to apear. A windows programmer has released an patch until microsoft do, get it at, probably a good idea.

Random musing: Why cant Peter Jackson make a movie less than 3 hours long, the Kong DVD will probably be on 5 DVD's!
Listening to: Idelwild, the remote part

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