Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Free beer

Im drinking some beer at the moment that is ment to be Chinese, very strong indeed, Its called Shanghi beer and i got it free from work as its going out of date soon. Trouble is this is my last bottle. Bugger.

Had a really crap day back at work today, i always get sh*t on with things i dont know about but people seam to think im ment to be able to fix it, then people who should be able to do it tefflon desk it to me and then p*ss of home. Anyway enough moaning.

Have cleaned out alot of the crap from my room today to make way for new crimbo stuff, read some of my old birthday cards from when i was 21 and stuff and felt a bit sad, not sure why. I must miss the people i used to work with or something.

We have beening trying to sus out how to stop the wmf expolit affecting us at work, as normal the people in group IT give us no guidelines even though thats what there ment to do. And you can gaurentee what ever we do will be wrong if we get hit with anything. Plus Mr Gates and co art'nt releasing the patch till the 9th so lots of help there. Why dont microsoft get an ass kicking for this, if i had a car that the door fell of if prodded in a certain place i would sue the ass of the car maker, but what do i know. Ok moan over now

Random musing:Why does this Chinese beer im drinking say on the bottle exported from eurpoe?
Listening to: blink182, dude ranch. Forgot how good this album and blink where. Throw away punk put very catchy

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