Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cheesy Bread

Something odd just happened to my sexy new smoothwall box, for some reason it wouldn't conect properly. The line and everything was up but the ppp wouldn't connect. Checked the logs and noticed some crap about a ppp.tdb file corrupt. So delete that, rebooted and tis fine again now. Most odd. Think i might buy a proper adsl router instead of the crappy modem if i keep getting problems.

Saw new underworld film last night. Kind of what i expected Except there was some nookie(sex) in it witch was nice, as Kate Bekinsdale is rather foxy, and her ass is amazing in that pvc. Kind of explains why it was an 18 cos it wasn't that gory or violent.

Saw the film with Dave and his Bird. She seams ok but did'nt say very much, and Dave did'nt drink witch was most odd. Will have to go on the piss with both of them so i can sus her out. Daves brother in Law has his own firm now witch is good cos it means Dave will have some work and get cash. N0t sure how long there staying for yet as well.

Time for dinner i think now

random Musing:Why do Pizza hut give you some cheesy bread in there feed the family deal that will fill you up before the Pizza comes?
Listening to:Starsailor, On the Outside. Good sunday Music.

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