Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All Change (probably)

Seams that at work we are going to be stopped doing any more development work. Seams that even though we have to write apps to get certain software vendors programs working right, there is no need to develop.

It's very obvious what they are trying to do now, try and get all the centers onto standard software provided by our main vendors then sack all the skilled staff. They can then employ monkeys on one big group wide helpdesk, give them half an hours training and let them lose. And of course, pay them f*ck all so they dont care about what they're doing. But maybe ill be lucky and they keep me as a body on the floor to move desks, patch phones and networks and help Doris to replace her printer carterages. At reduced pay of course.

Sorry if i'm cynical, but i've been though this before, it benefits no one and make the business run about as efficiently as a slug towing a caravan. I like to develop, its interesting and means im always learning. I couldn't do it full time tho, cos im not good enough and when i get stuck i have to stop and walk away for a bit. I'll get another job ok if it comes down to it, but i like my job. Its always different and the people i work with are cool. Not much i can do though unfortunately.

Not much else happening at the mo, just been paid witch is good, think ill get a new accessory for my psp. Not sure what yet tho, probably a stand. Going to flog my old gameboy and GameCube games tomorrow, would have put them on eBay but packaging them up and posting them would be a pain in the ass. That reminds me, need to think of a killer item i can make easily and sell on eBay.

Off to pub now to watch the footie and play some darts.

random Musing: Why do people in charge of big company's always want to cut staff and things like that out, instead of selling more of there product by making it better.
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