Monday, January 30, 2006

Why dont you blog me up, buttercup

After what happened at the weekend, my girlfriend is getting really worried about living with her Grandma, so i think im gonna have to get serious about finding a house, been sort of looking for a while, but i think now im gonna have to find one. Bit old for livin with my parents now anyway.

Trouble is its bloody expensive, far to much so. Guess im just gonna have to bite the bullet and get into as much debt as the rest of the country. Bugger.

Still no sql 2005 disks at work, but i've used the Matrix control sucsessfully for the first time today in reporting services. Was easyer than i thought it would be. Reporting services still lacks quite a lot of good stuff that Crystal had, but some of its far betterso i think ill be sticking with it for a while yet. Plus its loads cheaper (i think, licence's have always been a bit of a mystary to me.

Ramdom Musing: Why do all microwave meals taste like cardboard?
Listening to: NoFX, So long and thanks for all the shoes - come on! Cant beat a bit of NoFX

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh what a day/night

Quite an interesting day yesterday. Meet my girlfriends Dad for the first time yesterday. Ok, i know we've been going out for ages but id never meet him. Was going ok until him and my girlfriend disappeared outside and started to argue. Then the rest of there family seamed to all appear from no where, she got dead upset and it wasn't nice.

Why the hell do things have to get dead complex, no wonder she's never let me meet him before, most unlikely that i will be doing ever again as well. Never mind least its out of the way now.

Footie again this aft, hopfully we can start winning again today, playing bottom of league so shouldn't be to hard, full team as well today i think.

Hope my sql 2005 disks come this week, been reading so stuff about the new reporting services and looks like it should solve quite a few of our probs, and bring some sexy new features to the party. But cant see anywhere if there is support for rendering rtf text yet. I wrote a little class to display only the text but being able to show it formated would be cool and the gang.

Random Musing:Why are most peoples personal problems caused by parents?
Listing to: Idelwild, the remote part. Classy

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh to be a pie eater

Cant belive Wigan beat Arsnel last night in the cup, it was ace. They should have had 3 pennies, and that robberts who scored could'nt hit a barn door with a barrel all night, but then again theres not really a better time to score than with 2 mins left of extra time.

Rovers playing Man u tonight, i hate them both equally, but my girlfriend is a rovers fan so i supose id prefer them to go through than utd.

Been working in our Burnley office today, i used to work there before i move to Preston. I do miss working there somtime but the MD is a tit now, and most of the cool people have left or been made redundent. Still its nice to go there as its no where near as busy as preston, and you dont have to watch your back all the time while your there.

Ordered SQL2005 today, apartely its going to take 5 days to get here! Is mr Gates burning a copy personally? What the hells going on there. And i bet when it comes it will be the wrong version. Need to use it for the new reporting services stuff, its multivalue select box's and stuff will be a god send.

Ramdom Musing: Why when you eat MacDonalds are you still hungery, what the hell do they put in that stuff.
Listening to: Gollilaz, its ok but not brilliant

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All Change (probably)

Seams that at work we are going to be stopped doing any more development work. Seams that even though we have to write apps to get certain software vendors programs working right, there is no need to develop.

It's very obvious what they are trying to do now, try and get all the centers onto standard software provided by our main vendors then sack all the skilled staff. They can then employ monkeys on one big group wide helpdesk, give them half an hours training and let them lose. And of course, pay them f*ck all so they dont care about what they're doing. But maybe ill be lucky and they keep me as a body on the floor to move desks, patch phones and networks and help Doris to replace her printer carterages. At reduced pay of course.

Sorry if i'm cynical, but i've been though this before, it benefits no one and make the business run about as efficiently as a slug towing a caravan. I like to develop, its interesting and means im always learning. I couldn't do it full time tho, cos im not good enough and when i get stuck i have to stop and walk away for a bit. I'll get another job ok if it comes down to it, but i like my job. Its always different and the people i work with are cool. Not much i can do though unfortunately.

Not much else happening at the mo, just been paid witch is good, think ill get a new accessory for my psp. Not sure what yet tho, probably a stand. Going to flog my old gameboy and GameCube games tomorrow, would have put them on eBay but packaging them up and posting them would be a pain in the ass. That reminds me, need to think of a killer item i can make easily and sell on eBay.

Off to pub now to watch the footie and play some darts.

random Musing: Why do people in charge of big company's always want to cut staff and things like that out, instead of selling more of there product by making it better.
Listening to: Arctic Monkeys, again

Monday, January 23, 2006

Only staying cos of the world cup

Well, looks like Sven is finally going to get the boot (no pun intended) from the england job, about time really. He's a proper wally for telling all that stuff to the reporter. Ok, so he was pretending to be some rich arab, but someone in his possition should really no when to keep there mouth shut. The only reason he was there in the first place was to get more money. He's just a greedy sod, thats his and most other people in footballs problem. I'm bloody sure there is curruption in football, but its probably so wide spread by now i doubt theres much that can be done about it.

Got the Arctic Monkeys album today. I've heard most of it already but had to own it. As i mentioned before its fantastic. Trouble is they are being hyped a lot, i even heard them called the new oasis today. I wish people would'nt do that, i know it'd put me off. Can you name a band formed in the last 3 or so years that are going to last for another decade? Im sure i cant.

Random Musing:Why do microsoft include a TopN filter in SQL reporting services, yet in there sample reports they use a sql top statment to get the top most records returned. Its twice as hard to do it that way if you want to use a parameter.
Listening to: Guess

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cheesy Bread

Something odd just happened to my sexy new smoothwall box, for some reason it wouldn't conect properly. The line and everything was up but the ppp wouldn't connect. Checked the logs and noticed some crap about a ppp.tdb file corrupt. So delete that, rebooted and tis fine again now. Most odd. Think i might buy a proper adsl router instead of the crappy modem if i keep getting problems.

Saw new underworld film last night. Kind of what i expected Except there was some nookie(sex) in it witch was nice, as Kate Bekinsdale is rather foxy, and her ass is amazing in that pvc. Kind of explains why it was an 18 cos it wasn't that gory or violent.

Saw the film with Dave and his Bird. She seams ok but did'nt say very much, and Dave did'nt drink witch was most odd. Will have to go on the piss with both of them so i can sus her out. Daves brother in Law has his own firm now witch is good cos it means Dave will have some work and get cash. N0t sure how long there staying for yet as well.

Time for dinner i think now

random Musing:Why do Pizza hut give you some cheesy bread in there feed the family deal that will fill you up before the Pizza comes?
Listening to:Starsailor, On the Outside. Good sunday Music.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Just a Quikie

Felt a bit rough this morning, prob cos i stayed in the pub till about 2 playing darts. Im sh*t at it but its still fun.

Going see underworld 2 tomorow with Dave and new bird, should be amuzing. Glad its weekend.

Random Musing: Why in our modern age cant they a: Invent a beer that dosn'nt give you a hangover or, b: Invent a cure for a hangover
Listening to: Artic Monkey, cant say enough good things about them. Need to see them soon live

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Playing Politics

I was in a dead good mood this morning, had a nice night in with my girlfriend last night and was feeling good this morning when i got into work. That was until i sat at my desk and started to read my emails.

I'd sent a quick note to one of my colleagues last night to check i was ok to make a slight alt to our ad booking system, as i kept telling the user whose in charge of the system 'admin' she couldn't use non numeric chars in a certain field, as i was screwing the reports up. He proceeded to forward this email (god knows why) to the user in Question, who then sent me a very condescending email. I would have expected the type of email i got from the user, but im well pissed of at my 'mate' for sending it her. He sort of apologized for it, but i think i know the score with him now.

I think ill have to start relizing that most people at work are only bothered about what they can get out of everyone else, and if they get in the way or get shit on its tough. I shant be putting anything in writting to him anymore, nor will i be pulling him out of the crap like we have had to so many times in the past.

Anyway, moan over now. Im just about to go to the pub with my mates Chris and Gaz. Going the the White bull where they serve the best beer ever. We call it 'old man beer', or real ale to most people. They always have something new on everytime we go. I bit more exciting than the same old larger. And i can play on the Bandit and darts without anyone bugging me. I've never once sceen it kick of in the bull, and ive been going there for years.

Think im finally gonna see Dave and his new bird overweekend. I'm sure it was her who did'nt want me to see him last week. Need to get him on his own to find out.

Random Musings: Why do hang chocolate coins on the tree at christmas?
Listening to: Bouncing Souls, Anchors Aweigh. An ace album but i think they've split up now. Most of my fav bands seam to be.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Things to be mad about today

Not very happy today. I've had a really crap day at work, fed up of being sh*t on all the time and other people in the dept not pulling there weight, then having a moan when things dont get done. Then they're in bloody meetings all afternoon so me and Sandy have to deal with everything, just for a change.

But what im most pi**ed off with is my footie yesterday. Instead of a ref we had a jjb employee. We have had this before and they are pritty bad, but this one was terrable. He did'nt give a blatent penelty, kept stopping the game before just before people scored etc. Then when we had a go he told one of my team to f**k off! So we went to complain but he stood there while we did and started lying about what happened.

So, my mates sending a letter, but i've got the customer services number as well so i might ring them up tomorow if i can be assed

Just Managed to get my linux firewall working! Uses Smoothwall, took some messing about with to get it to see my crappy little usb modem, but at least its working now. Just need to setup my wireless access point and im done. When i turned the IDS software on it told me (after 30 mins or so) that slammer had tried to hit me, i cant belive there are still systems out there sending that out.

Ramdom Musing: Why cant Mr Gates and co make Windows as configurable as Linux?
Listening to. A, Teen Dance ordinal. Not sure why. Think they have split up as well

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Mornings...'nt they crap and boaring, and why even if ive not been out the night before do i still feel shit (i did go out last night but thats not the point). Had to get up as well to take Ducky to work, who the hell wants to go and buy tracksuit pants on a sunday morning. Bloody chavs.

Was ment to see Dave yesterday but he was ill so did'nt go. Not sure how ill he is, think he's probably just skint, so still not met his canadian bird. Need to see him this weeek. Even if its just for new cds! He said the pub we go to in Blacko (the little place he lives) has been taken over by a newlandlord, so they probably wont do the best going out drinking food (sausage, chips, egg and beans) anymore, or show Burnley(football or socor for you yanks) matchs on dodgy cable channels anymore.

Talking of the footie, did you see city man u on match of day last night. How good was that! I love watching utd get beat, then Ferrgie went nuts at the ref, he's bound to get a bollocking for that now. HaHa. Burnley lost though, why the hell cant they play agasnt average teams?

Think ive found out why im having probs with my firewall at home, turns out Sandy (who helped me build the linux firewall) gets proper broadband (ie through his cable and gets presented with rj45) where as i've only got adsl. So ive found some stuff out about PPPoE witch adsl seams to use and ill have a go at setting it up this aft before i play footie. My teams second in the legue by the way. Armatage Shanks (yes, we are named after a toilet). Look at Sunday divison 1. TV Time now.

Random Musing: Some people must never leave there job, i posted some stuff on a microsoft newsgroup on friday night before i left work and people have responded already. Im sad but not that sad, dont work all the time!
Listening Too: The smiths, hatfull of Horrow. Good sunday music

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bigger Brother

Why is everyone watching that big brother crap again, even my girlfreind(who normally likes stuff like that) is'nt bothering. Plus im not quite sure who the 'celebs' are. Just cos you shag an ulgy sweed who happens to be the england manager doe'nt make you famous, it makes you a tart.

My broadband went odd yesterday, it kept comming up saying remote computer did not respond. Not sure what caused it but seams ok now. Ill plug in my firewall and see if that breaks it.

Changed my working hours now, dont start till 10 witch is ace, i dont mind finishing later that much i prefer to spend time in bed in the morning.

Random Musing: Why the hell by default does iTunes fade the tracks into each other, and how do i turn it off!
Listening to: Dropkick Murphys, Blackout. See them live they kick ass

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What is it about this time of year

Everywhere you look someone is ill or in a really bad mood, its not good at all. I think i read somewhere that this time of year most people get proper p**sed of and upset, prob cos weathers crappy and there in to much Debt.

Anyway, went to see the producers last night, quite good but the start was a bit odd when the accountent dude had is bit of blanket. Songs in it were ace though. I cant belive it was 3 hours, all bloody films at the mo are uber long.

Managed to get my Linux firewall working at work, just been playing about with it at home but dos'nt want to play ball, but i think its because the adsl router i got of my boss is giving out an address i dont want, i need the dhcp one from the isp but its giving me a static 192.168.x.x one. No good. I could quite get into this unix thing if i have time. Its bloody powerfull, just a bit tricky to get my little head round.

Ramdom Musing: Why do big boss's always have stupid sayings. Was sat in a meeting today and our md kept saying things like 'stakes in the ground' and 'marker in the pack'. Is that what they teach them on those managent seminar things? And i get told not to talk 'techie'!
Listening to: Smash by the offspring. Classy. Plus My mate Dave is back from canada today so he's bound to have some cool new cd's

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sausauge curry and chips for tea...

.. i do like chippy teas on a friday. not posted for a couple of days cos i could'nt be bothered but back again now. My best mate Dave is comming back to england on monday. He's been in Canada for ages with some bird he ment on t'internet. Gona be good seein him again and im curious to meet his bird, especialy after what he said about her when i talked to him yesterday.

So, had a really crappy first week back at work, been trying to build a linux firewall today for home, but could'nt get the forward dns lookup working from the clients, works fine from the linux box but everytime i try and resolve from any clients it times out. Think its the named service playing silly buggers but even Sandy (unix guru at work) did'nt know what it was, any ideas?

Our newspapers has also been picked out of everywhere in the group to trial a 'newsroom of the future' project. Editorial staff are going to start editing alsorts of digital content (vids, podcasts etc). Trouble is most of them (especially the editor who is in charge of the project) cant even log there bloodys pc's on. To be fair they are journalists and subs, so i cant belive they are asking them to do it. Im sure the union will kick up a stink as well. I dont really see why they are doing it, no one's intersted in local news anymore but i supose they have to do something or the newspaper industry will be in bigger trouble than it already is.

Mr Gates and crewe has released a patch for the wmf flaw today, instead of waiting till the normal release cycle next week. Bout time id say, hopefully they got an ass kicking of someone so they brought it out early. Got a normal ac power charger for duckys iPod mini today, cost me a tenner though, why the hell dont you get one in the box.

Random Musing: Why does curry always make me need a dump?
Listening To: Some arctic monkey, they are ace cant wait for the album

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Free beer

Im drinking some beer at the moment that is ment to be Chinese, very strong indeed, Its called Shanghi beer and i got it free from work as its going out of date soon. Trouble is this is my last bottle. Bugger.

Had a really crap day back at work today, i always get sh*t on with things i dont know about but people seam to think im ment to be able to fix it, then people who should be able to do it tefflon desk it to me and then p*ss of home. Anyway enough moaning.

Have cleaned out alot of the crap from my room today to make way for new crimbo stuff, read some of my old birthday cards from when i was 21 and stuff and felt a bit sad, not sure why. I must miss the people i used to work with or something.

We have beening trying to sus out how to stop the wmf expolit affecting us at work, as normal the people in group IT give us no guidelines even though thats what there ment to do. And you can gaurentee what ever we do will be wrong if we get hit with anything. Plus Mr Gates and co art'nt releasing the patch till the 9th so lots of help there. Why dont microsoft get an ass kicking for this, if i had a car that the door fell of if prodded in a certain place i would sue the ass of the car maker, but what do i know. Ok moan over now

Random musing:Why does this Chinese beer im drinking say on the bottle exported from eurpoe?
Listening to: blink182, dude ranch. Forgot how good this album and blink where. Throw away punk put very catchy

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy new year...

... i hope everyone had one. I was in bed at the time felling like sh** as a caught the cold/fluey thing that my girlfriend had. At least i saved some money i supose, and ive always prefered going out on xmas eve than new year.

Just seen the new kong movie, very good but very long, my girlfriend cried when kong died, bless! Back to work tomorrow, guy who used to be in charge of us is now in charge of all group IT, so im expecting some changes afoot, and probably not good ones.

Not been online for a couple of days so ive jus been reading more about the windows wmf exploit, seams like its a bit of a beast and the first proper worms are starting to apear. A windows programmer has released an patch until microsoft do, get it at, probably a good idea.

Random musing: Why cant Peter Jackson make a movie less than 3 hours long, the Kong DVD will probably be on 5 DVD's!
Listening to: Idelwild, the remote part