Friday, December 30, 2005

To start press any key....

Ok first blog for me as everyone else seams to be doing thought id jump on the bandwagon. Not sure what im going to write in here yet, might be stuff about me, might be stuff about computers (im a techie at a newspaper ya'see)

Not done much today apart from been back to work for one bloody day. Feelin a bit crappy as well cos i've got a cold and so has ducky (my girlfreind). Built more blade servers just for a change and read about the new exploit in windows that use's an unpatched overflow in the graphics engine (just for a change), view a website and get infected. Hmm, not good. Use firefox, thats what i'd say. Like garlic bread and cheese cake, its the future.

Random musing: What the hell are these green bits in my cuppa soup, what part of the chicken is green?
Listening to: Jimmy eat world, bleed american